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As in everything, this is not black and white. There are some dogs with special needs that cannot go out with the other dogs, or need special care for medical or emotional reasons. These dogs get the same care, only one on one. The dogs get to go outside and exercise and potty and come back into a comfortable environment. My experience and nurturing helps these dogs to flourish in what is usually a stressful situation. It is my goal to make them as comfortable as possible while they are with us. 
My name is Debbie Henderson. I have an Associate's Degree in Animal Science and have been a registered Veterinary Technician for 20 plus years. I have worked with some talented veterinarians over the years with vast knowledge in different fields. During the 6 years that I worked in emergency medicine, I met my ex-husband who was a veterinarian and we started our own veterinary practice, which we had for 13 years.

Having been in the pet world for a few years, I saw the need for country dog boarding, an alternative that would be less stressful than the typical kennel, where animals could have a yard to exercise and play in like at home. So, by word of mouth only, this animal boarding kennel started in my home 23 years ago!

I wanted dogs to be able to come to my place and have fun…not be so stressed. They are able to interact with one another…run, play and exercise. Through the clinic I was doing a lot of rehabilitative work with rescue dogs, both medical and behavioral, which helped me understand the need dogs have to be pack animals and not only enjoy their human pack but interact with and enjoy other dogs. This is why I believe so many of the dogs do so well when they stay here with us.

About Our Animal Boarding Kennels

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